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Nok culture

NOK culture is described by Wikipedia as an early iron age population whose material remains,were named after NOK, a village in the present Kaduna state of Nigeria, existed as evidence showed,as early as 1000BC in central Nigeria,

it has also been described as a culture which provides evidence of earliest Nigeria ancient civilization.NOK art works were named after the NOK village by BERNARD FAGG. Archaeological studies of NOK culture had produced evidence of extensive iron work in the form of furnace and the production of terracotta [baked clay],figure of a great artistic styles and values.

The findings of various figures in NOK had established and proved what NOK culture looked like;

THE PEOPLE;The people of NOK are Nigerians found between Niger and Kaduna rivers in the north central geopolitical zone of Nigeria.

according to historical evidence,Nok people were very skillful in iron work and this is proved by complex iron tools produced by them.The site of this eviudence is in Taruga which is located in the presnt day federal territory Abuja.

besides,they were also great sculptors,the NOK people had the oldest sculpture[ terracotta i.e baked clay] in Nigeria and the entire black Africa.

from various findings pertaining to NOK culture,the prominent occupations were;

IRON AND TIN MINING; It could be seen that the people were involved in the processing of iron and tin mining which they smelted for the production of tools and implements for domestic uses

IRON AND TIN SMELTING; NOK people were producers of objects such as bracelets,ornaments,necklaces,tools made from iron etc

FARMING; Apart from the above activities,Nok people were also farmers producing both food and cash crops such as millets,guinea corn etc,they also grew fruits.


{1} It is regarded as the first place where the use of iron in nigeri swas identified.

{2} The figurines are called “terracotta”

{3} They have the oldest culture

{4} Like that of ife culture,Nok culture is characterized by figurines that are not perfect.

[5}Most of the figure have pieced lips,eyes and nose


[1] NOK culture has shown the people of NOK were the first people to make use of iron to produce objects such as implements for domestic uses and tools for farming

[2]The discovery of terracotta objects have also revealed NOK people have engaged in the production of figurine of distinctive artistics styles and beauty

[3] moreover,the discoveries in NOK have also shown that Nigerians have been engaging in local technology before the coming of Europeans

ARTIFACTS; The first known NOK artifact was discovered in  1028,by colonel Dent Young in  mining site near the village of NOK in Kaduna state .in 1943,tin miners again accidentally discovered a head similar to that found by young.further excavations around NOK have led to discoveries of objects of wrought iron,red ocher,quartz,hammer stone and many other materials.

NOK artifacts are also made up of excellent piece of human beings and animals figurines called terracotta,made into bracelets and ornaments around people legs,waist and others which were worn as necklaces and beads,other NOK artifacts are stone axe,grinding stones,stone rings,stone beads,pottery head and so on,


[1] Where is Nok on Nigeria map?

[2] who were the NOK people?

(3] mention two NOK artifacts

(4]what were the occupations of Nok people?


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