Business Studies

The right attitude to work

Work can be defined as any activity that a person is engaged in, in order to earn a living.

The Meaning of Attitude

Attitude is the way one thinks about or behaves towards things, persons or situations. Attitude can either be right or wrong, positive or negative, good or bad.

Having Right Attitude to Work

This means consciously choosing to have a positive state of mind towards what you do. You as an individual determine your attitude.

Attributes of a Right Attitude to Work

There are some attributes that show that one has a right attitude to work. These are:

  1. Punctuality
  2. Regularity at work
  3. Interest in your work
  4. Being Hardworking
  5. Commitment
  6. Promptness
  7. Being reliable
  8. Honesty, etc.

The Concepts of Punctuality and Regularity at Work

Punctuality means getting to work on time. It also means the quality or habit of keeping to an appointed time.

Regularity means going to work all the time and not absenting yourself. It can also mean the quality of being at work as at when demanded.

Reward of a Positive Work Attitude or Reward for Punctuality and Regularity

Being punctual and regular at work as a result of a positive attitude towards one’s work will give the worker the following rewards:

  1. Improved employee satisfaction
  2. Increased performance: having a right attitude to one’s job makes one perform better.
  3. Increased productivity
  4. It can lead to one’s Promotion. For example, a punctual and regular worker can enjoy the benefit of being promoted in an office

Sanctions for Irregularity

Sanction can be defined as penalties or punishment imposed by an employer on an employee to compel him to amend his behavior.

Types of Sanctions

This could be

  1. Verbal Query/Warning
  2. Written Query/warning
  3. Suspension from work for sometime
  4. Pay-cut
  5. Dismissal

Reasons for Sanctioning a Worker

  1. Regular lateness to work
  2. Consistent absenteeism
  3. Cheating/ Stealing
  4. Any other misconduct

Devotion to Duty

This means having deep love and commitment for one’s job. It also means great dedication, loyalty, strong enthusiasm and admiration for one’s job.

Effects of Devotion to Duty on Productivity and Development

When workers are devoted to their duties, the following effects are created:

  1. Employees perform better
  2. Increased productivity
  3. The organization makes more profit
  4. Customers are happy, and patronage is increased
  5. The organization keeps growing and there is expansion
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