SS1 Online Class & Lesson notes

Free online secondary school learning and class notes for JSS1, JSS2, JSS3, SS1, SS2, SS3. Senior Secondary School 1 online study.  Free online secondary school for SS1 in West Africa and Nigeria in particular. Free Senior High school for students in USA, Canada, Kenya, Australia, United Kingdom,etc.

Welcome to StopLearn FREE Senior High school or Senior Secondary school one (SS1) online classes and premium video lessons.

Free online lesson note and class for Senior secondary school one.

We have in each lesson interactive learning materials and media including slideshows, videos, pictures to enhance learning.

The lesson notes are designed according to the national curriculum which is internationally recognized and accepted as standard O’ Level. Most importantly, StopLearn is free. No subscription is required

How Free online secondary school works is a free online secondary school platform for students in JSS1, JSS2, JSS3, SS1, SS2, SS3. We provide free class lesson notes that we designed according to the national curriculum.

We have over 50 secondary school subjects listed as courses, class by class. Each class has lessons notes for students and teachers alike that is free and accessible without any subscription or payment. Which means secondary students can have access to our class notes at any time.

We have in each lesson, animated media and video lessons that we have got from the best tutors from around the English world and best universities. We also have interactive slideshow in some of the lessons all for you at no cost or price attached.

How to begin:

Use the search function below to find any subject of your choice and click on it to start. For example, search for ‘physics’ or any other secondary school subject to begin. We have over 50 subjects listed at

You can also search for a lesson or topic you want to learn. once the result is out, select your subject and learn at your own pace for free. is a free and flexible platform for secondary school students. happy learning!

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