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Free online Secondary school Lesson notes and Classes

How to Use is a free learning platform for High school and Secondary school students. It is designed to make students perform excellently in exams and class works and also as a better alternative to hiring home tutors or subscribing to paid apps. We have also added vocational courses that is out of the O’Level syllabus.

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  1. Click here to use the search box at the top of this section to search for any class lesson note or subject (with videos) in High school curriculum. We are the Google for secondary school students.
  2. You can enroll in a virtual classroom by clicking on your class from Class 1-6. In this way, StOP!Learn serves as a virtual High school. All classes are free.
  3. Use our Discussion Forum to socialize with other learners and also submit class assignments for discussion.

You do not need to hire a home tutor or subscribe to any paid app or website. No credit card required. At, we believe that education and learning should be free and not for the privileged. We have gathered the best teachers from all around the world to ensure you perform better at school and in your exams.

Free online secondary school High school primarily for Nigeria and West African countries.. Free online lesson notes and videos. Best for for the following exam preparations: WAEC, JAMB, Cambridge O’Level, NECO, GCE, British IGSCE, KCSCE, United States and Canada High School Exam preparations, etc.

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  1. Tutors from the best Universities in the world: We have carefully screened and selected tutors from the best universities in the world and experts in their field. We have videos from tutors in United States, Nigeria, India, United Kingdom, Ghana, etc. to give you a learning that should otherwise be expensive to get all for free. We have done this inline with YouTube policy for embedding videos, which is a win to content creators as all advert revenue go to them.
  2. Interactive Learning: More than what you can get from Classroom experience or other paid apps. We have rich media which includes animations and slideshows for more effective learning.
  3. Question and Answer Forum: The student can ask questions on any topic and receive answers straight to her email and public forum all for free!
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We show Adverts on Our Adverts are safe for underage children and adults. We automatically block any advert that references Drugs, dating, Alcohol, Gambling and Betting, etc. on our platform. We care, StOP!Learn is safe for everyone.