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We already have 50 secondary school or High school subjects but we are adding more. So far, we have 3 indigenous languages already that are not English. We will add other languages. Apart from the most common STEM and Arts subjects, we have also added special subjects like Book keeping, Leadership studies, Security Education, History, Creative and Cultural arts, etc.

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There are over 50 subjects with complete class lesson notes at StopLearn. This section is perfect for all students especially those that wants to read for Ordinary level GCE or WAEC examination.

Free Class Lesson notes for Secondary school Teachers and students

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Free online Secondary school Lesson notes and Classes

How to Use is a free learning platform for High school and Secondary school students. It is designed to make students perform excellently in exams and class works and also as a better alternative to hiring home tutors or subscribing to paid apps. We have also added vocational courses that is out of the O’Level syllabus.

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You do not need to hire a home tutor or subscribe to any paid app or website. No credit card required. At, we believe that education and learning should be free and not for the privileged. We have gathered the best teachers from all around the world to ensure you perform better at school and in your exams.

Free online secondary school High school primarily for Nigeria and West African countries.. Free online lesson notes and videos. Best for for the following exam preparations: WAEC, JAMB, Cambridge O’Level, NECO, GCE, British IGSCE, KCSCE, United Kingdom (UK), United States (USA) and Canada High School Exam preparations, etc.

Free online secondary school & High school
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Our On demand Learning Approach provides free online secondary school or High school for all students. Free online secondary school is a virtual platform where students can learn in an online class that is stimulated to look like real life classroom and yet very unique. Also find free lesson notes for secondary school teachers and students.

We offer a Digital Learning platform for every student to learn high school lessons for free. This helps the student complete lessons and class works with more autonomy.

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Free Classroom Lesson Notes for Secondary school Teachers and Students

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Grade 10 Agriculture Grade 10 Biology Grade 10 Chemistry Grade 10 Civic Education Grade 10 Commerce Grade 10 Data processing Grade 10 Economics Grade 10 English Language Grade 10 Financial Accounting Grade 10 Food and Nutrition Grade 10 French Language Grade 10 Further Mathematics Grade 10 Geography Grade 10 Government Grade 10 Marketing Grade 10 Mathematics Grade 10 Physics Grade 10 Yoruba Language Grade 11 Literature in English Grade 11 Physics Grade 11 Yoruba Language JHS 1 1st Term English Language JSS JHS 1 2nd Term English Language JHS 1 ONLINE STUDY JHS 2 1st Term Cultural and Creative Arts JHS 2 1st Term English Language JHS 2 1st Term French Language JHS 2 ONLINE STUDY JSS1 1st Term English Language JSS JSS1 2nd Term English Language JSS1 ONLINE STUDY JSS 2 1st Term Cultural and Creative Arts JSS 2 1st Term English Language JSS 2 1st Term French Language JSS2 ONLINE STUDY JSS 2 ONLINE STUDY JSS3 ONLINE STUDY SHS 2 2nd Term Yoruba Language SHS 2 ONLINE STUDY SHS 3 ONLINE STUDY SS1 1st Term Mathematics SS1 ONLINE STUDY SS2 2nd Term Yoruba Language SS2 ONLINE STUDY SS3 ONLINE STUDY