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Baptism can be defined as a practice of the Christian church which includes dipping a devotee completely into water which is immersion or the pouring of water by the priest, on the face of the person who is being baptized. The meaning of this is that one’s sins are being washed away and the person has now become a member of the church of Jesus Christ.

The Baptism of Jesus

The story of Jesus ‘baptism is reported by all three synoptic gospel writers which can be found in (Mathew 3:13-17), (mark 1:9-11) and (luke3:21-22).

The general outline of the story is quite the same but there are some differences between them.  Only Mathew says that the baptism was not willing to baptize Jesus, saying that Jesus should rather, baptize him. According to Luke, Jesus was praying after His baptism, before the Holy Spirit came on Him

Mathews account of Jesus’ Baptism: When Jesus was about thirty years of age; He came form Nazareth to Galilee in order to be baptized by John inside the Jordan. John wanted to prevent Jesus when he said: ‘’I need to be baptized by you and do you come to me’’. But Jesus answered that john should baptize Him in order to fulfill all righteousness. John therefore baptized Him, and immediately He came out of the water, the heavens were opened and the Holy Spirit descended upon Him like a dove alighting on Him. Then a voice came from heaven saying: ‘’this is my beloved son, in whom I am well pleased’’

The significance of the Baptism of Jesus

  1. Jesus did not have any sin but He underwent baptism in order to fulfill all righteousness.
  2. Jesus allowed Himself to be baptized so that He could set a good example for others to follow.
  3. Baptism is important because it qualifies one for righteousness and for membership of the church of Jesus Christ.
  4. Baptism is one of the sacraments of the church commanded to be practiced by Jesus Christ.

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