Bar Chart, Histogram & Pie Chat

Bar Chart: It consists of rectangular bars of equal width, whose height or length are proportional to the quantities that are being represented.

Example. 2. The table below show the number of items produced by Danik ventures over a five years period.


Prepare a bar chart for this distribution



Pie Chart:

File:WorldWarII-DeathsByAlliance-Piechart.png - Wikimedia Commons

Pie chart examples from this Hitbullseye:

Example 1: Approximately how many degrees should be there in the central angle of the sector for agriculture expenditure?1. 2202. 2133. 2104. 208Sol: In a pie chart, 100% is spread over 360°. Therefore 1 % = 3.6°. Agriculture expenditure = 59 %. Therefore 3.6 59 = 212.4°. Answer is (2)Example 2: Approximately what is the ratio of expenditure on agriculture to that on dairy?1. 8:32. 9:23. 70:14. 10:1Sol: Over here, one common mistake is that students calculate the actual values of agriculture and dairy. Since budget expenditure is proportional to % of area covered, ratio of agriculture to dairy expenditure would be ratio of corresponding % allocations. Therefore, Agriculture/Dairy = 59/6 = 10/1. Answer is (4).Example 3: In Haryana, in 2000, a total expenditure of Rs. 120mn was incurred. Approximately how many million did the Haryana government spend on roads?

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