Basic Assumptions of the Kinetic Theory of Matter (Gases)

Basic Assumptions of the Kinetic Theory of Matter (Gases)

  1. The attractions between molecules are negligible
  2. The molecules of a gas are in a state of constant random motion, colliding with one another and the walls of their container
  3. The collisions of the molecules are perfectly elastic
  4. The duration of a collision is negligible compared with the time between collision
  5. The molecules possess kinetic energy by virtue of their motion which is directly proportional to their temperature.


  1. Explain why the pressure of a gas at constant temperature increase with a decrease in the volume of the gas
  2. What do you understand by diffusion?
  3. Can diffusion take place in solids, liquids and gases? Explain
  4. Explain these phenomena using the kinetic theory of matter: (a) Brownian motion (b) surface tension  (c) osmosis
  5. Consider at least four different liquids. E.g palm oil, ground nut oil, engine oil, e.t.c and test their degree of viscosity as was done earlier using a suitable ball bearing. Now answer these questions
  6. In which liquid did the ball travel fastest?
  7. Which liquid did the ball travel slowest?
  8. Hence, list the liquids in their order of viscosity starting from the lowest to the highest.
  9. Mention two other low viscous liquids and two other high viscous liquids.

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