Computer Studies

Classification of computer systems

Computers differ based on their data processing abilities. They are classified according to purpose, data handling and functionality. According to functionality, computers are classified as:

  • Analog ComputerA computer that represents numbers by some continuously variable physical quantity, whose variations mimic the properties of some systems being modeled.
  • Personal Computerpersonal computeris a computer small and of low cost. The term “personal computer” is used to describe desktop computers (desktops).
  • Workstation: A terminal or desktop computer in a network. In this context, workstation is just a generic term for a user’s machine (client machine) in contrast to a “server” or “mainframe.”
  • Minicomputerminicomputer isn’t very mini. At least, not in the way most of us think of mini. You know how big your personal computer is and its related family.
  • Mainframe: It refers to the kind of large computer that runs an entire corporation.
  • SupercomputerItis the biggest, fastest, and most expensive computer on earth.
  • MicrocomputerYour personal computer is a microcomputer.


Define the following;

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