Mathematics Notes

Cosine and Sine Rule Relating to Triangle


-Sine Rule for Acute and Obtuse Angled Triangle.

-Application of Sine Rule to Triangle.

-Cosine Rule for Acute and Obtuse Angled Triangle.

-Application of Cosine Rule.


1.Calculate  the  angles  of  the ∆s  ABC  whose  sides  are  given  in  centimeters.Give  the  final  answers  to the  nearest  0.10

a=5.2,  b = 6.5cm  ,c = 7.8

General  Evaluation

1.Calculate the smallest angle in the triangle PQR such that p = 7.92m, q= 15.9m and c= 8.44m.

2.Calculate the length of the side opposite the given angle in ∆ XYZ given that x =13.1m, y = 24.2m and Z = 47.80.

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