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Data processing is the process of converting data into meaningful information.  It involves collection of data or gathering of dataData processing often refers to the use of computers in commercial applications as distinct from engineering applications.  It is also an act of collecting data, assembling them and making them available to the processor in a machine form that the computer can work on.


Data collection stage is bringing data to a central point.  It means gathering of data from its point of origin to be processed.

The stages include the following:

1.         DATA CREATION– This is the process of getting data from source.  The document of which data is first recorded is called Source Document.

2.         DATA TRANSMISSION– This refers to sending and receiving of data via telecommunication network.  That is, the movement of data from one location to another for processing.

3.         DATA PREPARATION– This is a pre-processing of ‘raw’ data from the source document to machine sensible form.

4.         DATA VERIFICATION– This is the process of checking input data to make sure it was entered correctly.

5.         SORTING– This is a re-arrangement of data in some specified sequence required for processing.

6.         MEDIA CONVERSION– It is a transfer of data from one medium to another.  Data is often prepared in one medium and converted to another medium.

7.         VALIDATION– Validation is a process of checking input data to make sure that it is logically correct.  It enables us to correct error that escapes verification.

8.         INPUT/PROCESSING– This is the act of passing data in a machine sensible form to processing stage.  The data is submitted to the processor for processing.


1.         What is data processing?

2.         List and explain any TWO data collection stages.


The repetitive nature of data processing can be well described as a processing cycle.  It is simply a sequence of procedures or steps required to perform a given task repetitively.

Stages in data processing refer to various stages which data passes through before it becomes information.  The stages include:


This can be described as the creating and gathering of data from elements such as  source documents.

2.         PREPARATION

This step is associated with the transcription, sorting and arrangement of data before entry into a computer.

3.         INPUT DATA

This is the process of entering data into the computer.  It is the entry of data through the input devices e.g. keyboard.


It concerns all exercises of data processing such as calculating, sorting and classifying.

5.         OUTPUT OF DATA

The desired end of the processing of data will finally be reached and produced.  The output in soft copy or hard copy will take the shape of written reports, graphical representation, drawing, etc.

6.         STORAGE OF DATA

This is the process of saving the result of the processed data in a manner that will permit easy retrieval.

a. Data Processing stages i) Origination: This is the collection of... |  Download Scientific Diagram


  1. Explain the stages in data processing activities.
  2. List and explain each stages in data processing.


Computer studies Stella Chiemeke   book 1 pgs33-38.

Modern Computer Studies by Victoria Dinehinpg18-19


1.         When data is fully processed it becomes ……………….

            (a) information   (b) word    (c) sentence    (d) Raw

2.         The process of converting data into meaningful information is called………..(a) data processing    (b) data creation    (c) sorting    (d) None

3.         The document of which data is first recorded is called ………………

(a) source document    (b) object document    (c) real document     (d) code

4.         The process of getting data from source is called ……………….

            (a) data creating    (b) data preparation     (c) data validation   (d) data collation

5.         Sending and receiving of data via telecommunication network is called ……………..

            (a) data transmission    (b) data processing    (c) validation    (d) Output


1.         What is data processing?

2.         With the aid of a diagram, explain in detail the stages in data processing concept.

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