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Deductive Proof Of Circle Geometry


            -Definition of Properties of a  Circle.

            -Problems on Length of Arc and Chords.

            -Perimeter and Area of Sector and Segments of a Circle.

Parts (properties) of a circle are:

Intro. to Circles/radius/diameter/chord/ sector/segment/parts of circle/ssc  preparation/class6 ,7 ,8 - YouTube

1.         Centre

2.         Circumference

3.         Arc

4          Radius

5.         Chord

6.         Diameter

7.         Segment

8.         Sector

1.Circumference:This is the curved outer boundary of a circle.

2.Arc:  Arc is a part/portion of the circumference of a circle

3.Major and Minor Arc: The chord which is not a diameter divides the circumference

into two arc of diff sizes: a major and a minor arc.

4.Radius: this is any straight line joining the  centre to the circumference of a circle.

5.Diameter: A diameter is a chord which passes through the centre and divides the circle into  3 equal parts.

6.Chord: A chord of a circle is a line segment joining the centre is a line its


7.Sector: This is the region between two radii and the circumference.

8.Segment: it is the region between a chord and the circumference.

9.Major and minor Segment: The chord also divides the circle into  two segments of difference sizes: major and minor segments

Circle Theorems

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