Drug trafficking

Drug Trafficking is the transferring, carrying of drugs especially hard drugs like heroin, cocaine and marijuana from where they are produced to where they will be consumed.

It is an illegal transfer of hard drugs from one place to another. Drug trafficking is the term used to describe the production, distribution and sale of illegal drugs. In the United States, such drugs include cocaine, heroin, PCP, LSD, methamphetamines and marijuana

Penalties for trafficking may vary, but in most places penalties are intended to be severe enough to discourage individuals from engaging in selling drugs.

Drug trafficking is a major source of crime worldwide. Not only is there physical danger inherent in the use of illegal drugs, but drug smuggling is also frequently accompanied by other crimes such as murder, kidnapping, prostitution and assault. Authorities work full time all over the world to prevent the use and sale of illegal drugs, as both represent enormous dangers to society.

While laws vary according to jurisdiction, individuals charged with drug possession usually face stiff penalties, which include property forfeiture. Hefty fines and time in prison. In some countries, such as China, drug sales may be punishable by death. In certain jurisdictions, when people are caught smuggling or selling drugs, individuals will sometimes hire a drug lawyer who specializes in defending individuals accused of such crimes. Even with legal counsel, however, drug trafficking laws designed to deter people from producing and selling drugs are strictly applied.

Factors that Are Responsible for Drug Trafficking

Some of the reasons why people engage in drug trafficking are:


Bad company



Lack of contentment




Because of its high demand


Consequences of Drug Trafficking

The effect/consequences of drug trafficking cannot be overemphasized, they are

Drug trafficking leads to crime and violence in the society

In some countries, it leads to immediate and shameful death of the traffickers

Drug trafficking will also lead to high rate of corruption in the society

They are arrested and regarded as criminals

It destroys the youth of a nation

A country that is known as drug trafficking country are usually avoided by other countries

Measures for preventing drug trafficking; the following ways and measures can be used to prevent drug trafficking, these are

Employment should be made available to the youth

Appropriate punishment should be given to arrested drug traffickers to teach others lesson

Appropriate information should be made available to everyone about drug trafficking.

The police, immigration department and the national drug law enforcement agency must be well equipped to tackle and fight against drug trafficking

Everyone should learn to respect the law of the country

Poverty eradication measures must be properly implemented

Both developed and developing countries must co-operate with one another war against drug trafficking

The government and nongovernmental organizations should made massive advert against drug trafficking.


List and explain some of the factors that facilitate human and drug trafficking.

What are the consequences of drug trafficking that you know?

The illegal transfer of drugs especially hard drugs from one place to another is———? (a) drug trafficking (b) human trafficking (c) drug abuse (d) drug dependence.

All are examples of hard drugs except (a) heroin (b) cocaine (c) paracetamol (d) marijuana.

Some of the reasons why people engage in drug trafficking are all of these except (a) poverty (b) ignorance (c) greed (d) contentment.

Which of these ways can drug trafficking be prevented——-? (a) sponsoring the traffickers (b) promoting the traffickers (c) through poverty eradication measures (d) consistent purchase of the hard drugs.

All the reasons for drug trafficking are genuine, so drug trafficking should be encouraged. Yes/ No.

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