Christian Religious Studies Notes

EFFECTIVE PRAYER (James 1:6-8, 4:1-3, John 5:14-15)

Meaning of prayer:   Prayer can be defined as a way of communicating and receiving from God. It is also a  medium through which we communicate and relate with God.

Factors that can hinder effective prayer:  

1. Unbelief:  This is an act of doubting the ability of God to do what we have requested for in prayer.

2.Sin:  This means going against God’s will and doing what God hates. This can hinder prayer and make prayer less effective.

3. Ingratitude:  This is an act of not being grateful or not showing appreciation to God for what He has done for us.

4. Lack of focus:  When our mind is divided in the place of prayer. Lack of concentration in prayer causes unanswered prayer.

5. Impatience: When we lack waiting ability in the place of prayer. When we can no longer wait for God to answer our prayers, this can completely hinder answers to prayer.

6. Asking for wrong things: When  we ask for wrong things in the place of prayer, God will not answer because our requests are not according to His will, but if we make our request according to His will He will hear us.

7.Attachment to worldly things:  When our thoughts are centred on how to acquire the things of this world without any reference to God, this may hinder answer to prayer.

Types of prayer:  The following are the types of prayer:

1.       Supplication

2.       Intercession

3.       Contemplation

4.       Praise

5.       Dedication

1.  Contemplation:  This when someone is before God without uttering a word and is enveloped by the presence of God but God understands such a person’s request.

2. Intercession: This is when we pray for others out of the burden and concern we have for them.

3. Dedication:  This prayer helps to commit ourselves afresh to God as His children whereby we renew our promises to remain faithful to Him by doing those things He  demands of  us.

4. Supplication: This is when we make personal request to God whenever we have problems.

5. Praise;  This is when we acknowledge God as the reason for our existence and our creator as well as the owner and controller of all things. We can also call God sweet names in praise of His name.


1.  What is prayer?

2.   In what three ways can Christians communicate to God?

3.   Mention and explain three factors that can hinder effective prayer.

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