Facebook Business strategy and how Facebook can be killed

It’s very easy to kill Facebook but those who should do that are not doing anything or maybe they don’t know their job. Facebook killed Snapchat by introducing Stories across its platforms. Killed Skype with Whatsapp video call. Now they want to kill zoom. They see every competitor as enemy and they use military attrition offensive strategy to neutralize all enemies, one at a time. A very aggressive method inspired by Peter Thiel who hates competition. They fight enemies from all side with new competing products using their loyal and huge user base as strength – Facebook Jobs, events, Watch (videos) and LIVE all aimed at eliminating other giants in the industry – LinkedIn, YouTube, etc.

But the problem here is that these competitors all adopt the defensive strategy which is very dumb if you ask me. For example, LinkedIn is alive by a stroke of luck. They did not do any thing right that kept them alive in my opinion. Why charge users to post jobs? Facebook jobs will soon take over and then LinkedIn will be completely useless to their core users – Job seekers. If Facebook get their advertising right, then Youtube will go down too because videos go viral faster in Facebook which means more earnings for content providers. Google shouldn’t have created Google Plus and Hangout – all dead on arrival.


As simple as ABC: Attack and don’t defend. This is Facebook style, use it against them. In other words, COPY all Facebook key features and add to your strength! Snapchat had all the chance and resource to copy and introduce permanent messaging alongside their disappearing IM, allow users post pictures and albums and all fb feature but they stuck with their core features.

So since Google expressed interest in killing Facebook using G+, they shouldn’t have. YouTube is the answer! YouTube is doing better than Facebook right now, but why should it be limited to video? If Facebook could successfully introduce Video and FB Live, what stops YouTube from opening up and becoming more social? Users on YouTube should be able to to also create groups, create photo albums, a better news feed and post status, not just all about videos. YouTube should not just be more social but as social as Facebook! Copying Facebook should the main talk of their board meetings! I will do the same if I were in charge, after Google has more resources than Facebook. Same thing applies to LinkedIn and Skype. Skype can even be transformed into an alternative Instagram since they can’t be Whatsapp again.

What about Zoom? They should open up everything now! Introduce Instant messaging like messenger and allow users to also create groups and post status, play games and post videos and go live and all that! They must execute very fast before Facebook swallow them up soon.

But I don’t even think these guys know they are in the battle field. Pitchai should understudy how Android first copied iOS and later about to completely destroy it – its the same strategy YouTube can sue against Facebook. Tiktok is not left out, if they don’t attack now with thee=ir growing userbase, one day they will wake up to a new version of Tiktok in Instagram or Messenger.

So what am I saying? Nothing, I’m just having fun typing 😀 But you can try it too. Pick the biggest guy in your industry and fight him from your strength. Zuckerberg is using the offensive strategy. he wants everyone to watch videos on Facebook only, buy and sell on Facebook only, share photos on Facebook only, send IMs and do everything only on Facebook and he is unstoppable!

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