Civic Education Notes

Fighting Political Apathy

Political Apathy involves activities like refusal to register for elections, to vote during elections, the unwillingness to fight electoral malpractices, lack of trust/confidence and respect for political authorities among others found in a larger percentage of the population of a country.  It is the opposite of popular participation.  In which larger parts of the populace are a political or Apathetic.  This could be caused by Bad governance, lack of security, corruption and so on.

Ways of fighting Political Apathy

  1. We must develop ourselves intellectually by reading books about politics
  2. Governance through the National Orientation Agency (N O A) and traditional rulers in every community should embark on Mass Mobilization and enlightenment of the citizenry.
  3. We must participate in the electoral process.
  4. We must know our rights and be ready to defend them
  5. Political education should be included in primary and post primary schools curriculum
  6. Citizens must participate in activities of popular organizations like political parties, civil liberties organizations, campaign for Democracy etc


1a.          Explain the term political Apathy

b.            state three consequence of political apathy

c.             Highlight 3 – ways through which political apathy can be encouraged.

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