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First aid treatment for road traffic accidents

Causes of Road Traffic Accidents

The following are the causes of road traffic accidents:

(i) Poor conditions of engine

(ii) Over speeding

(iii) Lack of concentration

(iv) Sudden loss of contact

(v) Poor weather condition

(vi) Carelessness

(vii) Lack of road/route signs

(viii) Sudden mechanical break down

(ix) Dangerous overtaking

First Aid Treatment for Victims of Road Traffic Accidents

The following first aid treatments should be administered to victims of road traffic accidents:

(i) The first step to take if you are involved in a road traffic accident is to check yourself for signs of any injuries. This is important because you need to be fit first before you can help others.

(ii) Check others for signs of injuries and the level or extent of injuries. The most quiet victims have probably suffered the gravest injuries, so treat them first before the ones who can speak.

(iii) Inspect the victim for signs of breathing or pulse.

(iv) Check for obstruction of the victim’s airways (the mouth and nose). If anything is obstructing breathing, use your index and middle finger to remove them.

(v) Immediately call for professional medical help or rush the person to a nearby health care centre.

(vi) Perform life saving techniques if there is no pulse in the victim. Start Cardio pulmonary resuscitation (CPR) or External Air Resuscitation (EAR).

(vii) If there are open or extensive wounds, try to control the bleeding using a cloth and applying pressure with your palm.

(viii) If the person’s neck is in an abnormal or awkward position or the person is unconscious, keep the patient as still as possible, as movements may cause more damage. It is possible that the patient’s neck is broken. Get medical help fast.

(ix) Try to keep the victim warm as most accident victims suffer from cold as a result of shock.

(x) Avoid giving the person food or water through the mouth to prevent choking.

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