Data Processing Notes

Graphical Package: Using CorelDraw

Loading CorelDraw Application

To access the CorelDraw application, take the following steps:

  1. Click on the start button
  2. Point to all Program
  3. Point to CorelDraw Graphic Suite 12 (Depending on the version you are using)
  4. Select CorelDraw

Exiting CorelDraw

To leave the CorelDraw environment, take the following actions;

  1. Save your drawing (In CorelDraw your document is called drawing)
  2. Click on File Menu and select exit.

Drawing Shapes

  • After loading application
  • On the tool bar, Click Shapes
  • At the drawing area, drag to create shape.

Add Colour to your Shapes

  • After drawing your shapes
  • Select the Drawing by clicking on it
  • On the Tool bar, Click on the Fill Colour

Convert your Writing to Curve

  • On your drawing area, type the text
  • Draw a circle shape beneath the text
  • Select all
  • On the Text Menu, Click on “Fit text to Path”
  • Click on the Circle Shape only and delete it


1.         Explain how to convert a curve a text

2.         How would you add colour to a shape?

General Evaluation

1.         Explain the meaning of the term Graphics package

2.         State uses of Graphics package

3.         Menton 4 examples of Graphics package

Practical Assignment

Design the following:

  • National Flag
  • School Logo/Badge
  • Coat of Arm
  • Complimentary Card
  • Letter Head

Weekend Assignment


Instruction: Choose the correct option from the ones lettered  A to D

1.         ___ package is the representation and manipulation of image data by a computer.(a) web  (b) database (           c) graphics      (d) word

2.         Which of these is not an example of graphics package (a) Paint (b) Corel Draw

(c) Amaya (d) Adobe Photoshop

3.         The large white portion of the screen is the (a) Docker(b) Roll-up window (c) Rulers         (d) Drawing window

4.         ___ tool is used to paint diagrammatic objects(a) text (b) zoom (c) shape (d) outline

5.         Which of these tools might not be classified as diagramming objects(a) pick tool

(b) curve tool (c) interactive tool (d) polygon tool


1.         State the features of CorelDraw or CorelDraw environment.

2.         List five (5) tools you can find in the toolbox.

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