Mathematics JSS Notes

JSS1 2nd Term Mathematics scheme of Work


SUBJECT: MATHEMATICS                                                                                            CLASS: JSS1



 Approximation: (a) Degree of Accuracy of Numbers (B) Rounding up of Numbers (Significant Figures, Decimal Places, Nearest Whole Numbers, Tens, Hundreds and Thousands)
 Approximation Cont’d: (a)Approximating Values of Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division (B) Quantitative Reasoning (QR)(C) Application of Approximation to our Everyday Activities.
 Number Base: (a) Number Bases/Expansion of Base Numbers (b) Counting in Base 2 (c) Addition and Subtraction of Two or Three Digits Binary Numbers
 Number Base (Cont’d): (a)Multiplication of Number in Base 2 Problem Solving on (QR) Related to Conversion and Application.
 Basic Operations: (a) Addition and Subtraction of Numbers with Emphasis on place Values using Spike or Abacus
 Review of first half term’s work and periodic test
 Basic Operations ( Cont’d): (a) Addition and Subtraction of Positive and Negative Integers Using Number Line and Collection of Terms (b) Solving Problems on Quantitative Reasoning and Application
 Algebraic Processes: (a) Use Of Symbols (i) Open Sentence and Authentic Operation (ii) Word Problems Involving Use of Symbols (b) Identification of Coefficient of Terms; Basic Authentic Operation Applied to Algebraic Expression (c) Collection and Simplification Of Like Terms and the Use of Brackets.
 Algebraic Process (Cont’d): (a) Problem Solving on Basic Arithmetic Operations in Algebraic Processes (b) Solving Quantitative Aptitude Problems on the Use of Symbols and Brackets
 Revision of the Second Term’s Work and Preparation for Examination


New General Mathematics, Junior Secondary Schools Book 1

Essential Mathematics for Junior Secondary Schools Book 1

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