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Lagos Constitutional Conference of 1958

This was the last constitutional conference held before the attainment of Independence in 1960. The conference made the following recommendations.

  • The last conference held before Nigeria National independence on October 1st , 1960.
  • That Nigeria should become independent on October1, 1960.
  • Considered the issue of creation of states to allay the fears of the minorities.
  • Plebiscites were to be organized on the 11 and 12 February, 1961.
  • That northern would attain self independence in 1959.
  • It adopted Willinks recommendation not to create states but accepted the entrenchment of fundamental human rights into the 1960 constitution.
  • The amendment process of the constitution and boundary adjustment procedures were accepted.


  • What were the recommendations made by the Willinks commission?
  • What were the important decisions reached at the 1958 constitutional conference?


  1. Highlight five features of the Yoruba pre-colonial administration.
  2. Enumerate five functions of traditional rulers in the pre-colonial system.
  3. State five functions of the age-grade.


  1. The Lagos constitutional conference was held in (a) 1953 (b) 1958 (c) 1957
  2. All  but one of  the following were the recommendations made by theWillinks commission  (a) to entrench fundamental human rights in the constitution (b) to create more states (c) to establish special development board for Niger Delta
  1. The last constitutional conference held before independence was in (a) Lagos (b) London (c) Calabar
  2. According to the recommendation made at the end of the London Constitutional conference of 1957, the northern was to be granted self government in (a) 1959 (B) 1952 (C) 1956
  3. The first Nigerian prime minister was (a) AlhajiTafawaBalewa (b) NnamdiAzikiwe (c) Yakubu Gowon


  • What were the major decisions reached at the 1957 constitutional conference?
  • Explain the provisions of the Willinks commission of inquiry.


Comprehensive Government Pages 162-163

Essential Government Pages 179-180

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