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Memoranda sheets between members of the same organization/office.

Memoranda sheets are used for internal communication between members of the same organization/office. The sheets can be in A4, A5, Quarto or foolscap size. The size used depends on the length of the work to be typed. Memorandum is usually printed at the top of the page. Spaces are provided for the sender’s and recipient’s names and\or designation. There is no salutation or complimentary closure of the memo. Subject heading(s) and reference number and date may be typed.

The tone of memos usually is informal and friendly. Although you don’t need to be curt, officious, or patronizing, a certain succinctness is acceptable. Structure the memo so that the most important information comes in the first paragraph and that subsequent paragraphs spell out what’s discussed in the first paragraph.

All memos are structured similarly. They have the following elements:

  • An addressee:Flush left, in capital letters, near the top of the page
  • The sender: Flush left, in caps, immediately below the addressee
  • Date: Flush left, in caps, immediately below the sender’s name
  • Subject: Flush left, in caps, immediately below the date




FROM: House Master White House                                                                                                                       TO: All Students White House

Ref: GH/3                                                                                                                                                                      DATE: 2/2/….



Several doors of White House have been defaced through pinning of notices. When the notices are subsequently removed, ugly pin marks are left on the doors.

I would like to appeal to those who find it necessary to leave notices on doors to use cellotape instead of pins. Such notices should not be left permanently. The usual co-operation of all students will be appreciated.

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