Business Studies Notes

Office: Meaning, Types and Functions


  • Meaning
  • Types 
  • Function


Basically there are two types of office and they are:

  1. Big or large office
  2. Small office

BIG OR LARGE OFFICE: this is a large building partitioned into small offices.

SMALL OFFICE: This could just be a single room with a table, telephone and in some cases, fax machine and a computer.

An office is usually at the centre of every organization, it serves as the life wire of the organization


1. List and explain the types of office you know

2. Write a short note on an office


The functions of an office may be different from one office to another, but most functions performed by an office are as follows;

  1. RECEIVINGINFORMATION: An office receives information from within and outside the organization by means of
  2. Correspondence e.g letter, faxes, E-mail, e.t.c.
  3. Telephones calls
  4. Personal contacts
  5. RECORDING INFORMATION: A piece of information received by an office by means mentioned above is recorded and filed away for use when the needs arises.
  6. ARRANGING INFORMATION: Information recorded is distributed to various sections and departments that need it.


1. a  Define an office

b. Explain in one paragraph each:

         i. Big office   ii. Small office


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  1. A place where clerical work is done is called a/an      a. office    b. department    

c. firm      d. organization

  • A single room with a table, telephone, fax machine, computer is called    a. big office    b. small office     c. large office     d. complex office
  • A building that is partitioned into small office is called    a. small office    b. large office      c. partitioned office     d. building
  • The means through which information is received in an office are as follows except    a. letter    b. fax    c. e-mail    d. running
  • The following except _______ are the function of an office    a. receiving information    b. arranging information    c. recording information    d. scattering information


  1. Mention seven (7) functions of an office
  2. Explain two functions of the above


  1. What is an office?
  2. Describe clerical works with three examples
  3. Mention the types of office that you know
  4. State three  means of receiving  information in an office
  5. Give an example each for the types of an office that you know.