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Printer correction signs and their meanings

Proof reader’s mark also called printers correction signs are marks used when amendments have to be made in typewritten or handwritten work of which fair copy is to be typed. These marks indicate problems in the text and suggest solutions. Correction marks come in two ways which is abbreviations and abstract symbols. Below are some correction signs


Proof Reading

This is a process whereby a good typist checks and carefully read the document typed to ensure its error free.

Proof reading stands for:

P – Practice your proof reading skills

R – Re-read if necessary

O – Only be satisfied with perfection

O – One error not corrected is too many

F – Find and correct all errors

R – Refer to the dictionary often

E – Erase neatly and completely

A – Always proof read

D – Divide words properly.

Manuscript – Longhand

Meaning of Manuscript

These are handwritten and disjointed materials which need to be typed in a readable and meaningful way. Type script is the original typewritten form of an authorize book.

Meaning of Abbreviations

This is a short form of a word for faster development of writing skills. Some words and their abbreviations are written below:

Longhand Abbreviations

AbbreviationsWords in full
A1first class
B/ebill of exchange
B/lbill of landing
Bsbalance sheet
E&OEerrors and omission expected
E.gfor example
Viaby way of

At any time these signs are written in the margin, they are usually followed by the shilling stroke. The main reason for this is that there may be more than one correction per line and it is therefore necessary to have the drilling stroke after each, to act as a division.

Standard Abbreviations

AbbreviationsWord(s) in full
NITELNigerian Telecommunications
NIPOSTNigerian Postal Department
NAPEPNigerian Poverty Empowerment Programme
NIDBNigerian Industrial Development Programme
WAIWar Against Indiscipline
UNOUnited Nations Organization
NLCNigerian Labour Congress
ASUUAcademic Staff Union of Universities
PTAParents Teachers Association

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