DW-Question and Answer AMP mobile compatibility issue solved

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Repair.ng asked 3 years ago

You must have noticed your discussion forum page with the DW Q&A DW Question and answer plugin doesn’t work properly when you activate AMP plugin in the reader and Translational mode, or when you include the forum page on the AMP template.

Here is the solution to the issue:

First of all the problem is not from the plugin but from the WordPress default avatar setting.

So to solve this issue, you will have to turn off your WordPress Avatar display completely.

Go to Your WordPress Dashboard and click on SETTINGS>> DISCUSSION

Scroll down to the place that gives you the option of turning off Avatar display.

Save and refresh your DW Q&A Forum page to see the problem resolved.

Thanks and please shar.

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User AvatarNwafor Raphael answered 2 years ago

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