Eight reasons why leaders fail to protect the interest their followers

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Nothing happen without a reason or cause, so also there are many reasons why a leader fail to fulfil his campaign promises or fail to protect the interest of his follows. Below are some of the reasons highlighted:
Selfishness is one of the most common reason why leaders abandon their campaign promises.
They ignore the promises they made, abandoned their follower’s demands for their personal gains. This is mostly practiced by corrupt politicians who assume office to gain and not to serve and render services.
Mostly, the follower’s demands will be funded but the leader will divert the fund to his personal savings, as he is building him self not the people and community. Such leaders should be avoided, this is because they promote corruption, and it is of no doubt that corruption kills nation’s economy.
To avoid this, a leader with clear manifestos, trustworthy, with clean records and patriotic should be chosen over anyone.
Another reason why leaders fail to fulfil their political promises is political party.
Some leaders may have the zeal and personal will to do better for their followers but may get stopped by their political parties if it is not of their interest.
Political parties play a vital role in attaining a political office of any elected leader, so following their instructions is his way of saying thank you.
To avoid this, political party should also be a factor to be considered before electing someone into any position.
Know the party’s manifestos, goals, missions, visions, aims and objectives and many more things before voting for their candidate.
A president or governor for example can’t do it alone, they can’t visit every hook and nook to explore where their attention is needed,  they need representatives at both federal and state level respectively.
Representatives are chosen and elected by followers, so you should elect wisely.
You should elect representatives that will visit you to ask of what you need so they will forward your request to state or federal government and ensure the projects are accomplished.
Our leaders are humans like us, they forget things including what they promised, it is our duty to remind them of their promises through our representatives.
Emergence is one of the reasons why politicians abandoned their followers.
If a particular community fail to vote for the leader, he may abandoned them and concentrate on the community that voted for him.
This is like to say, you didn’t vote for me so expect nothing from me! And he will focus and direct all his projects and works to where he got most of his vote from.
This is a very bad attitude which is to be avoided, a leader is for all, those that vote for him and those that didn’t, their rights are on him, he is leading all not a faction, so he must work for all. Projects should be directed to where they are needed in a scale of its urgency with zero respect to whether the residents of that place voted for him or didn’t during elections.
Another factor is misunderstanding a leader’s political role.
You can’t expect a senator to build schools, roads and other infrastructural projects, likewise you can expect a representatives to make laws, every body of government have the role it played.
Expecting a project from a leader whose role is not to provide that project is also a factor that may make followers think their leaders abandon them.
It is advisable that everyone should read and research on what every body of government can offer.
Leaders campaign for political offices for various reasons, many contest because they want to serve if elected and many contest to be served if elected.
A leader who campaigned to serve will put his people first. He will make sure he provide what will uplift them, provide them with social amenities, ensure a tight security and many more.
While a leader who campaigned to be served wouldn’t bother about anything but rather on how to loot fund for his personal gains and benefits.
It is advisable to think deep before voting for any candidate, understand him first, know who he is and know his goals before voting him in.
Some leaders do kick start projects, but they just don’t bother to check its progress.
Some projects will be abandoned by contractors after being paid, some will be done roughly with no quality.
It is highly advised that leaders should supervise every project to ensure it is don the right way. And the followers should report any project of low quality or abandoned projects to government.
Many leaders fail to protect their followers due to greed. All they care about is the money involve, they just want to secure the bag without considering the needs of the people. They own is all that matters to them.
Source: https://www.naijnub.com.ng/2020/11/why-leaders-fail-to-protect-the-interest-of-their-followers.html

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