What is the role of sports promotion agencies

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Charles agobi asked 3 years ago

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What is a sports marketing agency involved in?
The world of marketing is multifaceted and each individual activity a company may need calls for its own specific consultants. Many are the options at hand: conventional advertising agencies, PR agencies, agencies specialising in social media, product placement, media centres, reputation agencies, and crisis management agencies, just to mention a few.
When we talk about sports and investments in sponsorships, we feel like we find ourselves “within a forest dark” and confusing. Are sponsorships a business of PR agencies or media centres? Who should we turn to for advice? The most frequent answer we would get from an agency is: “We can handle it”, although in most cases it is not their business sector. What does it take, after all? It only takes a phone call to a friend’s friend who will get you in contact with the athlete’s agent who, in turn, will introduce you to the business or the team.
Honestly, this type of approach shows that sport is often underestimated: as it is considered a typically “fun” and “entertainment” sector, it is trivialised. In fact, when a company decides to invest in sports, it should do it with the same level of depth and specificity as to when negotiating a traditional ADV budget, in other words in a rational and structured manner. In the UK or USA, sports marketing agencies are long-consolidated entities, actual consultants to which companies rely upon when they select sport as their marketing tool.
Why? Well, because sports marketing agencies are specialised in one sector … guess what: sports! People who work in the agency have an in-depth knowledge of the world of sport, or of the world of the specific sports they handle; they know the market value and the interlocutors on the market, and they know what to offer based on the specific needs of the company/customer. We often happen to receive calls from prospective customers asking us for information on investments in specific disciplines – most frequently, the disciplines their bosses have indicated because they are fans – and eventually, we convince them that another sport may be a better solution for their company/brand on the basis of actual data

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