Exam Lessons Security Education

Relating with security Agents

Security agents are professionals specially trained to maintained law and order,protect lives and properties in the society,

The military

The military in Nigeria consists of the Nigeria Army…the land branch of the armed forces,Navy ..the sea branch and the Air force..the air branch

The three are normally referred to as Nigerian Armed forces,

since the time it was created ,the Nigerian military has fought in the 1967-1970 civil war,

It has seized power on many occasions through coup de tat,

In recent times, it has helped in defeating the Boko Haram activities in the Northern part of the country,


According to the section 217 of the 1999 constitution,functions of the military in national security are;

1]Defending Nigeria from eternal aggression

2]maintaining Nigeria territorial integrity an dsecuring its borders

suppressing insurrection and act in aid of civil authorities to restore order;


The aim of Nigeria police is to enhance the quality of life in Nigeria,by working in partnership with community, in accordance with the constitution,it has right to enforce laws ,preserve peace,reduce fear and provide for a safe environment

The role of police in National security;

it protects lives and properties

it assists in detecting and apprehending suspected criminals

it investigates criminal cases and prosecutes suspected criminal in court

Others are National drug law enforcement agency,{ NDLEA]the department of state services,[DSS]

Nigeria security and civil defences corps [ NSCDC]

Class work:

  • What do you understand by national security?
  • identify three security agencies in Nigeria
  • state the full meaning of NDLEA