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Responsible Parenthood

Responsible parenthood is the ability of parents to provide for the overall needs of their children in order to become responsible citizens in the society. It involves the ability of parents to take care of their children and see to their financial, educational, social, emotional and material needs. It also refers to the duties of parents towards their children in order to prepare them for responsible adulthood.

The duties of parents start immediately the child is conceived.  Both husband and wife ensure that there is adequate care for the baby and so the wife must attend antenatal clinic regularly and takes adequate nutrition for the total development and wellbeing of the baby.

After the child is born, both parents monitor the child from cradle to adult stage, monitor the type of friends he or she keeps and also guides the children in the way of God.


1.         He provides for the financial needs of his family.

2.         He provide for the nutritional needs of the family.

3.         He provides security for his family.

4.         He provides shelter for the family.

5.         He pays adequate attention to his children’s education.

6.         He disciplines the family members when any of them is at fault.

7.         He ensures that the children imbibe good values.

6.         He shows his family love and care.


1.         She prepares food for the family.

2.         She keeps the house and surroundings clean.

3.         She ensures the children are well fed.

4.         She wakes up early to prepare the children for school and also get their food ready.

5.         She supervises the children’s homework and also finds time to visit the children at school to ascertain their performance and behavior.

6.         She supports her husband financially when necessary.

7.         She monitors the health of the children.

8.         She teaches her children to be obedient and respectful to family members and neighbours.

9.         She must also show exemplary qualities in areas of character, relationship with neighbours and high moral values and also discipline and correct the children when they go wrong.


1.         It produces responsible children who would build up the nation.

2.         It promotes good character and good values system in the society.

3.         It brings aboutpeace and harmony in the society.

4.         It reduces the rate of crime in the society.

5.         It gives the children a sense of belonging and encourages them to contribute to the development of their country.

6.         It reduces the level of illiteracy in the society.

7.         It helps to reduce conflict in the society.

8.         It produces future leaders with spirit of nationalism and patriotism.

9.         It enhances unity in the society.

10.       It ensures responsible families in the society.


1.         Explain responsible parenthood

2.         Mention five importance of responsible parenthood in the society.


1.         What is rule of law?

2.         Explain three principles of rule of law.

3.         In what five ways can leaders emerge in a state?

4.         Outline any five roles of judiciary in a modern state.

5.         List five importance of citizenship education.


Responsible Parenthood: Civic Education for Senior Secondary Book 2, R.W. Okunloye, Pages 44-47.



Instruction: From the options lettered A-D, choose the letter that is most appropriate for the following questions. Answer all the questions.

1.         The ability of parents to provide for the needs of their families is termed A. Responsible father

B. responsible parenthood C. grandparents D. Providing parents

2.         The duties of parents towards their children start from A. conception B. birth C. adulthood D. adolescent

3.         It is the primary duty of the father to A. provide for the family    B. Cook for the children C. take children for excursion         D. prepare the children for school

4.         Whose duty is it to pay the children’s school fees? A. parents B. aunts C. uncle D. nephew

5.         One of the roles of the mother is A. prepare the children for school B. pay children’s school fees C. pay for house rent D. Show leadership


1.         List any six responsibilities of the children to their parents. 2.         List five consequences of irresponsible parenthood to the society.

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