Social Studies

Road safety club as an agent of socialization

The Road Safety Club constitutes the third tier of the Road Safety Corps, Regular Marshals and Special Marshal Levels of RSC.

These clubs are formed in primary and secondary schools in Nigeria. The road safety clubs serve as a veritable tool in catching children young to become responsible road users in the future. This will go a long way in inculcating in them the positive road safety rules and how the children can also become road safety ambassadors in their homes, schools and wherever they find themselves. The essence of the club in schools is to teach children the importance of safety in schools and on the road and while they are with their parents in the car, they can correct bad road users, which will spur positive changes. Also as the future drivers, there is the need for the children to become sensitized on the road safety rules that will help them to save their lives and that of others. The students that are members of the road safety clubs will have the advantage of being employed as a road safety regular Marshall if they wish to continue with the commission.

The youths in schools and colleges are organized into road safety clubs at the primary, secondary tertiary and National Youth service Corps (one-year compulsory service after university graduation) levels. During their orientation in the camp, corps members who are interested in Road Safety Club can also signup to be part of the Road Safety CDS group.

Primary and secondary schools: The school heads can apply to the nearest FRSC Command for the establishment of road safety clubs in their schools.

Membership of the Federal Road Safety Club

There are some requirements for joining Road Safety Commission Clubs in school. The requirements are as follow.

  1. It is open to both males and females.
  2. Students that want to join must be obedient and be ready to learn safety techniques which will be useful to him and his community.
  3. Students that want to join must be interested and ready to take part in paramilitary drills.
  4. A teacher will be chosen to serve as a coordinator or Special Marshall.


  1. Explain the word “Road Safety Club”.
  2. What are the reasons behind the formation of Road Safety Club in schools?
  3. What is the process of forming road safety club in schools?
  4. Write the full meaning of the following: (i) FRSC (ii) CDS
  5. Mention the levels of education at which road safety clubs can be formed.



  1. The Roles of Road Safety Club in the Socialization of Youths
  2. Our Roles in Promoting Safety in Our Community

The Roles of Road Safety Club in the Socialization of Youths

The roles of the road safety club in the socialization of youths include the following:

  1. Road safety club inculcates in the youth road safety culture as contained in the Highway Code and other relevant road safety books and journals, films, etc.
  2. They assist in propagating road safety ideals and ethics to compliment the effects of Regular and Special Marshals.
  3. The road safety clubs serve as veritable tool in catching the children young to become road users in the future.
  4. They organize workshops, rallies, public enlightenment campaign, seminars, quiz and debate competitions and any other program relevant to the promotion of Road Safety.

Our Roles in Promoting Safety in Our Community

Every member of any society has roles to play in promoting safety in any community. It is the joint responsibility of everybody towards making sure that life and properties are secured. Carelessness of an individual may lead to the death of others.