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Safety guidelines for pedestrians

Meaning of Traffic Rules and Regulations

Traffic rules and regulations refer to a set of laws prepared for road users on how to behave on the road.

Road Signs and Traffic Lights

Every day, we come across many signs on our roads. Such signs include the following:

  1. Traffic Lights:This is usually located at cross-roads junctions. Traffic lights has three colours, which are ambergreen and red.

Each colour gives specific instruction to road users. E.g.

Amber (Yellow light) indicates GET READY TO GO.

Green means GO.

Red means STOP.

  1. Zebra Crossing:This is used to indicate where pedestrians(people walking) can safely cross the road. Once a pedestrian steps on the zebra line, motorists, motorcyclists and bicycle riders are expected to stop. Zebra crossing are usually constructed in front of schools, hospital, markets and busy spots.
  1. Road Diversion:It is a roads sign that prepares road users for a change in the direction of the road.
  2. Hill Sign:The hill sign means to inform road users about the hill nature of the road ahead.
  3. Road Block:Are stops on the road usually for security checks e.g. the police check point, customs, immigration and federal Road safely commission (FRSC)

Causes of Road Accidents

Road accidents are caused by a number of factors. These include:

  1. Over-speeding: Many motorists are usually in a hurry and the drive at high speed in disregard for the official speed limit.
  2. Bad-roads: Poor condition of road, either as a result, of not tarred or lack of proper maintenance may leads to road accident. e.g. bumps, pot-hole and dangerous sport on the road.
  3. Under-aged drivers: Another causes of road accidents is the abuse of driving regulations by under-aged children. Such children take their parent’s vehicles without permission, thereby constituting hazards to other road users.
  4. Ignorance: Some road users cannot read and interpret road signs. This is risky for other road users. There are some driver who never attended any driving school before getting on the road. Such driver are easily involved in road accidents.
  5. Drunkenness: Accidents in most cases, occur on our roads as a result of some drivers who drinks alcohol before embarking on trip. It is very dangerous to drinks before and when driving

Consequences of not Obeying Traffic Rules

Traffic rules and regulations are meant to act as guide to all road users.

  1. Road accidents
  2. Disabilities
  3. Loss of valuable property
  4. Economic depression
  5. Traffic jams
  6. Loss of valuable man-hour

Traffic Rules and Regulations

These are rules and regulations made by government to ensure safety of all road users. Some of the rules are;

  1. Motorists should obey speed limit.
  2. Drivers should obey traffic lights.
  3. Motorists should not drive when drunk.
  4. Pedestrians should use pedestrian bridges where available.
  5. Vehicles should be properly parked when the need arises.
  6. Motorist should obey traffic controllers such as traffic, police, federal road safety corps.
  7. Motorists should not use telephone while driving.
  8. Road users should not prevent or interrupt the free flow of traffic or cause danger or damage to traffic by placing or abandoning any object in the road.
  9. Pedestrian should use road pavement while walking.
  10. Pedestrians should look left and right before crossing.
  11. Motorists should slow down when approaching such intersection, junction at which traffic is not being regulated.
  12. Motorists or motorcyclists should not apply break abruptly unless it is necessary to do so for safety reasons.
  13. Motorcyclists should put on their crash helmet while riding.
  14. Motorists should not overtake when being overtaken, increase speed or do anything in any way to prevent the other vehicle from passing him.


  1. Mention three causes of road accident.
  2. Explain what each colour in the traffic light means.
  3. What are traffic rules and regulations?
  4. Mention five rules and regulations that road users should obeyed.
  5. List four consequences of disobeying traffic rules.

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