Notes Physical and Health Education

Safety Precautions While Performing Exercises

Safety precautions simply refers to those necessary things that must be available or put in place in other to prevent injuries while engaging in an exercises

  1. Do your warm ups properly before involving in any strenuous exercises
  2. Always proceed from simple to complex
  3. Have a good knowledge and skills of the exercise you want to perform
  4. Concentrate on the performance, so as to avoid being distracted
  5. Inspect all apparatus or equipment required for the exercises before use
  6. Ensure that you are certified medically fit for the exercise or sport
  7. Adequate or proper kitting of players
  8. Perform an exercise repeatedly and regularly to get an effective result
  9. Ensure there are no harmful objects in the place where the exercise is being done
  10. Vary the exercise evenly to develop every muscles of the body.


  1. List three benefits of physical fitness
  2. Mention four safety precautions required for doing exercise

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