Social Studies

Shared norms and values

Norms are standard ways of behaviour that society upholds. This is generally acceptable within a society. Any deviation from this is seen as a deviant behaviour. In some Nigerian communities, such forbidden things and actions are called taboos.

Acceptable social norms in Nigerian communities include:

  1. Wearing of dresses that cover your nakedness. This type of norm is generally acceptable throughout the Nigerian community.
  2. Keeping of one’s virginity is cherished in all communities. It is not expected of a girl to defile herself before she gets married.
  3. Getting parental approval before marriage is done. It is very necessary to receive parental blessings.
  4. Sexual activity should be done in secret.
  5. No sexual intercourse with your relation or blood relation (No incest).

The Importance of Values in Nigerian Communities

  1. It makes us to act right because you know what the society want from us.
  2. It encourages us to have positive behaviour in marriage because you would not want to violate the norms of our society. You know that it will be wrong to marry your blood relation.
  3. Values sustain our happiness. Placing a good value on the type of behaviour a society expects from an individual will make his joy to be sustained. You would not want to do anything that will disturb the peace of the community where you are.
  4. Values modify and guide individuals to behave well in the society.


  1. What are norms?
  2. List five acceptable norms in Nigerian community.
  3. Mention three importance of values in the Nigerian community.

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