Data Processing Notes

Some revision questions on Data Processing

Questions on previous term topic

1.         Give four examples of a web browser

2.         Explain internet security

3.         List four types of file organization

4.         List four types of internet security

5.         What are the criteria for choosing a file organization

6.         What is the full meaning of the following: i.SQL      ii.RDBMS iii. DML    iv. DDL

7.         List four standard SQL Command

8.         Explain the following: i. Entity          ii. Relationship            iii. Attributes   iv identifiers

9.         What is Normalization

10.       What is Data Modeling?

11.       List types of data model

12.       Write down the full meaning of the following basic internet terminologies: i. POP             ii. SMTP            iii. ISP             iv. HTML        v. HTTP

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