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sport and the society

Sport has been identified as part of the society in the sense that it provides opportunity for interaction with many social institutions. Sport plays a very vital role in the society. Sport has become a major part of the modern society with influence being felt in all areas of life to the extent that it has become a cohesive force and a symbol of national unity. Most government in the world seek legitimacy through sport, this account for the reason why extensive support is given to sports by many government.

What is Society?

Society can be defined as group of people living in an organized community, and an individual is in interaction or is communicating with others in the community.

Functions of Sports in the Society

The functions of sports can traced to the early times. The Early men utilized sports as means of gaining desired victory over foreseen and unforeseen and foreseen mysteries as well as promoting fertility in crops, cattle, or physical fitness and entertainment.

The benefits of sports to the society according to unified (1986) are numerous they include the following among others

  • It is used to reduce tension
  • It is used to divert aggressive behavior to an object instead of a friend or fellow man
  • It is used as desire to compete with others and defend oneself, tribe and country
  • The martial art or combative like sports like karate, judo, wrestling, and boxing are used to avoid defeat and to subdue opponents/attack.
  • It is used to create excitement, amusement, fun, enjoyment, strength and physical fitness.
  • It is used for both economic and political gains
  • Countries use sport as a legitimate instrument of foreign policy and a medium of showing countries mood towards another
  • Victory in sports has some national impact like prestige, enhanced status and respect.
  • Limelight is brought to any country that record spectacular victory at an international competition.
  • It serves as cohesive agent to bring about unity and national awareness.
  • It serves as an avenue to unite various ethnic groups
  • It boost the economy of the country that is awarded a hosting right of an international competition via the tourism centers and hotel industry.
  • It affords the opportunity for individuals from different countries to exchange knowledge, which in turn would assist in the education of their people.
  • It acts as a social institution, by helping in the teaching of societal beliefs, norms, values, and thereby assisting in socializing the athletes.
  • It serves as safety value to dissipate excess energy, tension and hostile feeling in a socially acceptable manner.
  • It serves as a means of livelihood and offers career opportunities in many areas such as becoming professional athletes, coaches, sports managers and administrators.
  • It has an avenue to improve health and physical fitness level.

Ways Sports can be used to Control Youth’s Restiveness

Sport and Social control

Social control is a means of promoting sport conformity with societal rules and regulations. Sports as a social control can either be internal or external. As an internal social control, sport would make it possible to for individuals to realize that some behaviors are wrong and unacceptable in the society while as an external social control, sports will provide the opportunity for punishment or rewards designed to control behaviors when individual exhibit acceptable behaviors, they become part of them and these behaviors are carried to the other areas of life in the society thus becoming a character.

Sports and character building

Character building can be explained as the acquisition and acceptance of behaviors and principles of life which can serve as a carry-over value to the larger society. In building character through sport, an individual is expected to behave in orderly and predictable manner during and after participation in sports. Sport as a social control ensures that the norms and values of society are, and when they are not following, the individual concerned is regarded as a deviant.


Mention 10 ways in which sport is contributing to the society

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