Civic Education Notes

SS3 1st Term Civic Education scheme of work

                                                     FIRST TERM E-LEARNING NOTE

SUBJECT: CHEMSTRY                                                                                  CLASS:  SSS3


Week              TOPICS

  1. Revision, Saturated Hydrocarbon Alkanes e.g Methane CH4 – preparation, properties and uses, isomerism, IUPAC, Nomenclature.
  2. Unsaturated hydrocarbon – Alkenes e.g ethane (C2H2) – Nomenclature, preparation, properties and uses.
  3. Unsaturated Hydrocarbons, Alkynes e.gethyne (C2H2)-Nomenclature, preparation, properties and uses.
  4. Aromatic hydrocarbon, Benzene-structure, properties and uses,             derivatives of Benzene e.g methyl benzene.Alkanols – sources, general molecular formula, nomenclature, classification, types, preparation, properties and uses.  Test for alkanols.
  5. Alkanoicacids  – sources, nomenclature, structure, preparation, properties and uses.    Alkanoates, general molecular formular, nomenclature, preparation, properties and Uses.
  6. Fat and Oil as higher Esters, sources, properties and Uses. Detergents and Soaps
  7. Structure, their mode and action.
  8. Natural and synthetic polymers, polymerization(additional and condensation), plastics – Thermoplastic and Thermosetting polymers, Resins.
  9. Carbohydrates – sources, general molecular formular, classification, properties and uses.
  10. Test for carbohydrates.
  11. Proteins – sources, structure, properties and uses, tests for proteins.
  1. Amines and Amides , general molecular structure, preparation, properties and Uses.
  2. Revision.
  3. Examination.

Reference Book

New School Chemistry for Senior Secondary Schools by Osei Yaw Ababio.

Practical Chemistry for Senior Secondary Schools by Godwin Ojokuku

Outline Chemistry for Schools & Colleges by Ojiodu C. C.

Chemistry Pass Questions for S.S.C.E and UTME.

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