English Notes

SS3 1st Term English Language scheme of work


SUBJECT:  ENGLISH LANGUAGE                                                                    CLASS:  SS3


  WEEK         TOPIC

1          Revision of Last Term’s Examination:

                        Spelling: British and American English

                        Basic Differences as Reflected in Common Words.

2          Comprehension: Prostration, Page 22

Vocabulary Development, Festivals, Page 24

Structure:  Review of Noun Phrases and Noun Clauses,

Adjectival Phrases and Adjectival Clauses.

Writing: Review of Narrative and Descriptive Essays

3          Speech Work: Review of Sentence Intonation Patterns.

Writing: Argumentative Essay: “The Home Is Responsible for the Unruly Behaviour of Teenagers in the Society”

Comprehension: Government, Page 37

Summary: Party Systems, Page 38

4          Comprehension: Business, Page 86

Vocabulary Development: Business, Page 88

Structure: Nominalization

Speech Work: Monophthongs and Diphthongs

5          Essay Writing: Formal and Informal Letters.

Summary: Novel Extract, Page 53

Structure: Adverbs and Adverbials

6          Comprehension: Irrigation, Page 111

Vocabulary Development: Page 113

Structure: Sequence of  Tenses.

Speech Work: Clusters of Two Consonants Which Occur Initially and Finally.

7          Comprehension: Novel Extract, Page 48

Vocabulary Development: Page 50

                        Writing, Article: “The Good Effects of Accountability and Transparency”

                        Figures of Speech

8          Comprehension: Law Enforcement, Page 63

Vocabulary Development: Justice Delayed, Page 64

Structure: Lexical and Auxiliary Verbs

Speech Work: More on Consonants

9          Comprehension: Law and Order, Page 78

Vocabulary Development: Justice, Page 77

Structure: More on Modals

Writing: More on Report Writing

10        Comprehension: Addition, Page 98

Vocabulary Development: Addition, Page 100

Speech Work: Stress in Words of Seven Syllables and in Compound Words.

11        Revision

12        Examination.


  • Effective English for Senior Secondary
  • Schools, Book 3 by Montgomery, et al
  • Countdown to English by Ogunsanwo, et al
  • Oral English for Schools and colleges by Sam Onuigbo
  • Advanced Learners Dictionary
  • Past Questions in English Language