Government Notes

SS3 1st Term Government scheme of work

                                                     FIRST TERM E-LEARNING NOTE

SUBJECT: GOVERNMENT                                                                            CLASS: SS3


WEEK           TITLE

  1. Military Rule In Nigeria: Historical Background, Reasons for Military Rule, Achievements of Military Rule in Nigeria
  2. Weakness of Military Rule in Nigeria; Measures That Could be Taken to Prevent Military Intervention in Nigeria
  3. Local Administration in Nigeria; Structure, Functions, Sources of Finance and Problems of Local Government: Features of 1976 Local Government Reforms in Nigeria; Roles of Traditional Rulers in Government
  4. Nigeria and the World; (i) Interdependence of Nations (ii) Nigeria’s Foreign Policy; Meaning, Nigeria Foreign Policy since Independence
  5. Nigeria and the World; Factors that can affect Nigeria’s Foreign Policy, Formulation of Nigeria Foreign Policy; Features of Nigeria’s Foreign Policy
  6. Africa as the Center Piece of Nigeria’s Foreign Policy; Origin; Reasons for the Adoption of Nigeria as the Center Piece of Nigeria’s Foreign Policy
  7. How Nigeria has Demonstrated that Africa is the Center Piece of Her Foreign Policy; Ways by which Nigeria maintains Friendly Relations with African States
  8. Non-Alignment; Origin, Meaning, Aims and Objectives
  9. Non-Alignment Problems; Factors that Stimulated the Formation of Non-Align Movement; Nigeria and Non-Aligned Movement
  10. International Organization- Organization of African Unity (O.A.U.); Historical Perspective, Aims and Objectives, Principles
  11. Organization of African Unity- Organs and functions, Aims and Objectives, Achievements and Problems
  12. Revision/ Examination


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