Notes Physics

SS3 1st Term Physics scheme of work

                                         FIRST TERM E-LEARNING NOTE

SUBJECT: PHYSICS                                                                                     CLASS: SS3


WEEK                    TOPIC

  1. Electromagnetic Spectrum: Propagation, Detection and Uses
  2. Gravitational Field: Law, Gravitational Potential, Escape Velocity, Potential Energy in Gravitational Field.
  3. Electric Field: Coulombs Law, Electric Field Intensity, Electric Potential, Capacitor and Capacitance.
  4. Electric Cells: Primary and Secondary Defects of Simple Cells. Cells in Series and Parallel.Electrolysis: Electrolytes, Electrodes, Ions, Faraday’s laws.
  5. Electrical Measurement of Resistance: Resistivity, Conductivity, Conversion of galvanometer to ammeter and Voltmeter, Methods of Measuring Resistance.
  6. Magnetism: Magnets and Magnetic Materials, Magnetization, Demagnetization, Magnetic Flux, Earth Magnetic Field.
  7. Electromagnetic Field: Magnetic Field around Current Carrying Conductors- Straight Conductor, Circular Conductor, Solenoid, Applications of Electromagnets-Electric Bell, Telephone Ear Piece.
  8. Electromagnetic Field: Force on Current Carrying Conductor in a Magnetic Field, Fleming’s Left Hand Rule, Application– DC. Motor, Moving Coil Galvanometers.
  9. Electromagnetic Induction(i):Induced Current, Laws of Electromagnetic Induction, Flemings Right Hand Rule,Induction Coil.
  10. Electromagnetic Induction(ii):Application in A.C and D.C. Generator, Transformer, and Power Transmission.


  • New School Physics by Prof. M.W Anyakoha
  • New System Physics by Dr.
  • WAEC Past Questions Pack
  • UTME Past Question Pack
  • Masters Physics Practical Manual

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