Chemistry Notes

SS3 2nd Term Chemistry scheme of work


SUBJECT: CHEMISTRY                                                                   CLASS: SSS 3

Scheme of Work

WEEK          TOPIC

1.                      Revision/Nuclear Chemistry, Types and Nature of Radiations, Half-life as a                                       Measure of the Stability of the nucleus.

2.                     Nuclear Reactions i.e Nuclear Fussion and Nuclear Fission with examples, Effect and                         applications of Radioactivity Comparison of Nuclear Reaction and Ordinary chemical                          reaction.

3.                     Simple molecules and their shapes, covalent molecules e.g methane, ammonia,                                     crystalline solids – their network structure e.g diamond.

4.                     Metallic bonding – properties, factors affecting the formation of metals,                                          intermolecular bonding Van-der-waals forces and hydrogen bonds, comparison of all                           bond styles.

5-6.                  Metals and their compound, extraction of  metals (e.g aluminium, copper, tin and                                iron) their properties and their reaction, their uses, alloys, composition and uses.

7.                     Introduction to qualitative analysis, test for cation using H2S, NaOH and HN4OH,                             confirmatory test for the cations

8.                     Test for amono, identification or  gases. E.g CO2,SO2 and O2. Characteristics test                             for anions e,g SO42-, SO32-, CO32-, NO3.

9-10.                Volumetric Analysis, calculation based on percentage purity and impurity of                                       substances, percentage amount of the acid, or base, solubility of substances,                                     volume of gases, mole ration of acid to base.

11.                    Revision

12-13                Examinations


  • New School Chemistry for Senior Secondary Schools by Osei Yaw Ababio.
  • Practical Chemistry for Senior Secondary Schools by Godwin Ojokuku
  • Outline Chemistry for Schools & Colleges by Ojiodu C. C.
  • Chemistry Pass Questions for S.S.C.E and UTME.

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