Social Studies

The characteristics of large/ small family size

The nature of a large family size can be easily explained under the following headings:

Summarily, large family size has the following characteristics:

  1. It consists of father, mother, brothers, nephews, and many children.
  2. Members of the family live a subsistence life because of its size. They engage in primary activities to be able to feed the family.
  3. Members of the family might not be bond together in love because they are not of the same mother.
  4. The upkeep of the family is the joint responsibilities of every members of the family.
  5. Health status of a larger family is always affected especially where there is an outbreak of diseases.
  6. It consists of a large number of people.

Small Family Size

A small family size is the one that has father, mother and few children.

Characteristics of Small Family Size

The following are the characteristics of small family size:

  1. It consists of small number of people.
  2. Members of the small family know one another very well.
  3. There is love and harmony in small family size.
  4. Any problem that arise in a small family is quickly resolved because of its manageable size.
  5. They are blood related.
  6. Members of small family size has strong feelings for one another. Any happening concerns everybody in the family.


  1. Explain the concept: “large family size”.
  2. Explain the concept: “small family size”
  3. Write 5 characteristics of large family size.
  4. Write 5 characteristics of small family size.
  5. Which of the family size is preferable, and why?

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