The Concept of Electromagnetic Field and Fleming’s Left hand rule

An electromagnetic field is that field that results from the interaction of the electric and magnetic fields.

When a current carrying conductor is passed in a magnetic field, the conductor will experience a force.

electromagnetic field direction

To identify the directions of the force (motion), current and field, Fleming’s Left Hand Rule is employed.

Fleming’s Left Hand Rule

It states that, “If the first three fingers are mutually at right angles to each other, with the Forefinger in the direction of the field, B and the mIddle finger in the direction of the convectional  current, I, then, the thuMb is in the direction of the motion, M or force on the conductor”.


Fleming’s Left Hand Rule is for current-carrying conductor, used to determine the direction of  current in a conductor. The rule can only be used if the magnetic field and current are  perpendicular or inclined to each other but not when they are parallel.

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