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Virus warning signs and virus detection

Virus Warning Signs

Virus infection can cause a malfunction of the computer system in the following ways:

Slowing down of the response time.

Presence of tiny dots.

Wandering across the screen.

Incomplete saving of file.

Corruption of the system set up instruction.

Appearance of strange characters.

It can cause organized program into a disorganized program and making them not to execute.

It destroys the partition task file, even the entire system of hard drive.

It causes damage to valuables stored on any storage media.

Virus Detection (Antivirus)

An antivirus is a program developed to destroy computer virus wherever it is found in the system. It is designed to eradicate the infection act of the virus program.

Examples of Antivirus Software


McAfee Virus scan

Solomon’s Took kit



Check point antivirus

Central point antivirus


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