English JSSCE Notes

Vowel /ᴂ / and /ɜ:/

Vowel   /ᴂ /

Describing the Sound:

This is a front vowel. To pronounce this vowel, the lips are slightly spread while the tip of the tongue touches the lower front teeth and the back of the tongue touches the upper back teeth. It is a short vowel.

Take a look at how the sound occurs in spelling.

            A                                 ai                                             ua

            Cat                              plait                                         guarantee

            Man                             plaid                                        land

            Back                                                                            sack

Vowel /ɜ:/

This is a central vowel. It is pronounced with the middle of the tongue raised while the lip position is neutral.

Take a look at how the sound occurs in spelling:


Pronounce the sounds that have /ᴂ / and /ɜ:/ in the following words :

Trap, sword, sang, swerve, land, early, plait, port, mad, courtesy, guarantee, heart.


  1. Pronounce the two sounds /ᴂ / and /ɜ: /.
  2. Give examples of words that have the two sounds.


TITLE: The Tortoise and the Clay Man

EVALUATION: Intensive English Book 1; Exercises 11.2.2 and; pages 105-108.

ASSIGNMENT: Intensive English Book1; Exercises 11. 2.3,  11.2.4, and 11.3.5; pages 108-113.

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