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Adverbials and Argumentative essay

Adverbs are words that describe verbs, adjectives or another adverb in same sentence. Examples of adverbs are: quickly, slowly, beautifully, always, often, soon, there etc.


(1)Adverb of time: yesterday, today, later, soon, now etc.

They came here 5t,yesterday.

(2)Adverb of manner: boldly, correctly, accurately, clearly, majestically, slowly, quickly etc

He answers the question correctly.

(3)Adverb of place: here ,there, inside, outside, in, out etc.

She was here when I saw him.

(4) Adverb of condition :if, unless, until, in as much as, etc.

His father will pay his school fees if

(5)Adverb of purpose: so that, in order to, etc.

He slept early so that  he could wake up early the following day.


Adverbial phrase is a group of words that are adverbs.It tells us more about verb.

(1)He went to church on Sunday.(adverb of  time)

(2 )   She goes to school  every Monday.

(3)I met him in the morning.

(4) We shall wait for him outside the  gate.

(5)Let  the boy sleeps  inside the room.

Composition is the way we express our ideas in writing. It  involves continuous writing and the points are well arranged in logical order and fully discussed. Every  aspect  of the topic must be discussed.


Adjectives are words that go with noun. They tell us more about noun or another adjectives.

Adverbs  tell us more about verbs.

(1)The boy is a quick runner.(adjective)

(2)The boy ran quickly (adverb)

(3)The fat woman is a slow walker (adjective)

(4)The fat woman walked slowly (adverb)

(5) This is a fast train.(adjective)

(6)The new train moves very fast.(adverb )


In this kind of composition, the writer discusses the point and tries to persuade the reader to agree to your points of view. The writer either supports or stands against the proposal. It usually starts with vocatives (greetings) such as ;Good morning The Chairman, Panel of Judges, Accurate Time- Keeper, Co-debaters ,Ladies and Gentlemen. After the vocatives you will go to the discussion of points proper one after the other. The is no room for foul language.

It is an essay which requires the candidate or the writer to present a subject or an issue that has two sides with a view to persuading or convincing the reader to see the issue from the angle the writer has seen it and so agree with the point of view being presented. In essence, it involves argument. The topic may demand that the writer or the candidate does one of the following things:

  1. The writer may be required to prove a particular point.
  2. He may be required to present a view point.
  3. He may be required to strike a balance between the two sides of an argument or issue.

To write a good argumentative essay, the following points are necessary:

  1. One must have a very clear idea of the topic or issue.
  2. One must have jotted down a lot of points that one will use to prove one’s point in persuading and convincing the reader.
  3. The points or ideas one has must be well arranged.
  4. Clarity, in term of expression, is another vital point to note in argumentative essays.
  5. The essay must also be error-free in terms of mechanical accuracy.


  1. What are the features of argumentative essays?
  2. State five vital points writer must bear in mind in composition of argumentative essay.


(1)Boarding school is better than  day school.

(2)Military system of government is better than Civilian government.

(3) Raining season is better than dry season.






Use recommended text.


( 1)Adverb tells us more about_______(A) noun ( B)pronoun (C)verb (D) nerve.

( 2)Adverb  of time answers the question________.(A) how (B)where (C)when (D)why

(3 )He was talking clearly on phone. The adverb  used in this sentence is adverb of___________.

(A) reason  (B) purpose (C) manner  (D)time.

(4)She did her assignment carefully .The word underlined is adverb of__________.

(A)time (B) manner (C) condition (D) result

(5)If you are serious with your studies ,you will pass excellently. The adverb here is __________.

Content: Class-work.

  1. Copy out the sentences on page 76 of the brighter grammar book1 and underline all the prepositions.
  2. Put bracket () round each adjective phrase and show by an arrow the noun and pronoun it qualifies. Draw two lines under the noun or pronoun.
  3. Round each adverb phrase, draw a box and show by an arrow the verb it qualifies. Draw three lines under the verb.




Argumentative essay are composition written or presented in order to win the audience or reader to the writer or speaker’s side with convincing and reasonable points.

Examples of argumentative essay or composition are:

Boys are more useful to the parent than girls. Boarding school is better than day school. Etc.


Good day, Mr.Chairman, the panel of judges, accurate time keeper, ladies and gentlemen, co-debater and the distinguished listener. My name is ————–, I am here or writing to support or oppose the motion that states that———.


With these convincing points, I have raised, I hope I have been able to convince you that ———


  1. Write the format of introduction of an argumentative composition.
    1. Write the concluding part of an argumentative composition.


  1. Write ten sentences containing adverb phrases and adjectives phrases. Five sentences each for both.
  2. Write an argumentative composition on ‘boys are more useful to their parents than girls’. Write to support or oppose the motion.

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