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Ways of solving problems

Ways of Solving Contemporary Social Problems in Nigeria

Contemporary social problems in Nigeria can be solved by applying the following measures:

  1. Rule of law
  2. Anti-corruption agencies
  3. Civil society
  4. Government policies
  5. Infrastructural development and maintenance
  6. Job creation to reduce unemployment
  7. Religious organization
  8. Public opinion leader
  9. School
  10. Personal discipline
  11. Security agencies

Solutions or Measures of Solving Social Problems

Rule of Law

This means that no one is above the law; that is, before the law all men are equal. Most of the contemporary social problems can be eradicated if we all obey the laws of the country. All offenders including corrupt leaders who steal or embezzle public funds should be punished irrespective of their wealth or position. There should be no ‘sacred cows’.

Anti-Corruption Agencies

Anti corruption agencies such as the EFCC  and ICPC should be allowed to operate the way they see fit, and no corrupt leader should be shielded, neither should any of their officers be exempted from facing the law when they are found culpable. The Economic and Financial Crime Commission (EFCC) and the Independent Corrupt Practices and Related Offences Commission (ICPC) all such agencies should be headed by men and women of proven integrity who will not compromise standards or act corruptly themselves.

Civil Societies

Civil Societies  such as Campaign for Democracy (CD), National Association of Democratic Lawyers (NADL), Committee for Defense of Human Right (CDHR), etc. should continue their good work of correcting the ills in our country.

Government Policies

Governments exists to see to the good orderliness of society. Government policies should be based on national interest. Policies should be aimed at enhancing the welfare of all the people. Government should evolve policies that aim at correcting the ills of the society.

Job Creation

The Governments, both States and Federal, should deliberately create jobs for school leavers. Government should also create healthy business and investment environment that will encourage both local and foreign investors, who will in turn create jobs for school leavers to reduce unemployment among youths.

Infrastructural Development

Government should construct new and maintain existing infrastructural facilities such as roads, railways, airports and seaports etc. stabilize, expand and improve on electricity power supply, water supply etc. to encourage business and economic productions, and to improve the quality of life.

Religious Organizations

Churches and Mosques should increase their efforts in inculcating in their members the fear of God, desirable attitudes and values that enhance common good. Religious leaders should emphatically condemn corruption among their members especially the influential ones and those in secular positions of authority. To do this effectively, they should shun gifts and also live above board in all their dealings.

Public Opinion Leaders

Public opinion leaders are citizens who stand for the common good of the country and speak against the ills of the society. They should not relent on their efforts and should be protected by law. The press should be given unfettered freedom to practice their profession in accordance to the law. The press should not fail to publish the opinions of the public in the mass media.


The School is a formal agent of socialization. The teaching of citizenship education, civic education, social and religious studies in schools will help to solve some of these problems. Schools should be equipped with needed facilities that will enhance quality education whose products will not become vagrants and miscreants in society.

Personal Discipline

If individuals engage in self-discipline which is self-control that brings about emotional stability, train members of their family to do the same, there would be a reduction of contemporary social problems in our country. Saying ‘No’ to immoral sexual allurements or demands from the opposite sex.

Security Organizations

The police, the SSS, and other security agencies should be given specialized training on how to detect crimes and fish out criminals of all descriptions, whether terrorists, suicide bombers, militants, armed robbers, kidnappers etc. and bring them to face the law.


  1. How can job creation solve social problems?
  2. Mention ways by which religious organizations contribute to solving social problems in Nigeria.


  1. What is the rule of law and how can it solve social problems in Nigeria?
  2. In which ways can government policies help to solve social problems in the country?
  3. What roles can the school play in solving social problems?
  4. Why are security organizations necessary in the society?
  5. Mention five measures of solving contemporary social problems in Nigeria.
  6. Explain four of the measures you have listed.

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