Physical and Health Education

What to do against sport injuries

The following are the measures for preventing sport injuries:

  1. The playground must be kept clean
  2. Do not play or perform activities on slippery ground.
  3. Warm-up properly before performing any activity.
  4. Apparatus must be arranged and inspected before use.
  5. Students should follow the instructions of the teacher.
  6. Students should watch the teacher‘s demonstration before performing any activities.
  7. Start from known to unknown and simple to complex.
  8. Students dress/sportswear should  be smart and loose enough to allow free movement of the body.

Preventive Measures against Domestic/Home Accidents

  1. All sharp instruments and  gadgets must be kept away from the reach of young
  2. Cooking with gas ,ensure that the  container  is properly installed and regularly
  3. Children should be protected against misuse of  fire
  4. Provide adequate measure against slippery floors.
  5. Always use insulating glove s or protective materials when handling hot objects such as pots, kettles etc.

Measures for Preventing Road Traffic Accidents

The following are the measures for preventing sport injuries:

  1. Avoid over confidence
  2. Take adequate rest when necessary
  3. Adequate enlighten for drivers
  4. Avoid being in an hurray or over speeding
  5. Use of safety devices should always be encouraged
  6. Compliance with traffic rules and regulation
  7. Avoid driving/piloting under the influence of drug/alcohol.
  8. Avoid unnecessary distraction.
  9. Ensure efficient communication system.
  10. Drivers should undergo training and pass driving test.
  11. Drivers should not drive under the influence of alcohol.
  12. Operators of motor vehicles should know and obey traffic rules.
  13. Drivers should respect the right of others road users on the road and highways.
  14. Driver who is physically, mentally, or emotionally incapable of good judgment should not drive a car/vehicle.
  15. Pedestrians should keep off the roads when under the influence of alcohol.
  16. Pedestrians walking along the road should face the on-coming vehicle.

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