Active verbs

Active Verbs

Active voice is when the subject performs the action described by the verb. It is used when the action flows from subject to the object

Assuming Paul performed a particular action which is expressed by a verb; it therefore, means that Paul will be regarded as the doer or performer of the action. In English grammar, Paul will be referred to as the subject and the verb in that sentence will be in the Active voice. For example, Paul wrote a letter.

Here, wrote is in the active voice since the subject of the verb (Paul) is doing the writing.

So, a verb is said to be in the active voice. Examples

  • I saw Paul
  • We ate some mangoes
  • The driver drove the car carelessly.
  • Bola sang the song melodiously.
  • Ade killed a goat.

Speech Work: Vowel Sounds

Structure: Verbs (Active and Passive Voice)

Comprehension: Reading to Follow Direction in Written Communication

Composition: Expository Essay

Aspect: Speech work

Topic: Vowel Sounds

Sub-topic: The Schwa Sound /Ə/

This vowel represents the weak form of a weak a vowel in an unaccented position. It could be used in the weak form of these words like ‘and’ ‘but’  ‘an’ ‘can’. Examples of words where it is prominent are:



Write twenty other words with /Ə/.

Aspect: Structure

Topic: Verbs

Sub-topics: Active and Passive Voices

A verb is used to express an action or a state of being.  A verb changes its form to mark such categories as tense, aspects, voice etc.

Active Voice

This refers to a situation where the action is done by the subject in the sentence.


(1) The dog chased the postman.

(2) Obi cleaned the blackboard.

Passive Voice

Refers to a case whereby the action is done to the subject in the sentence.


  1. The postman was chased by the dog.
  2. The blackboard was cleaned by Obi.

Making Sentences with Active and Passive Voices

  1. Obi cleaned the blackboard. The blackboard was cleaned by obi.
  2. The dog chased the postman. The postman was chased by the dog.
  3. I wash the clothes. The clothes are washed by me.
  4. The mother feeds the baby. The baby is fed by the mother.
  5. Adana cooks the meals. The meals are cooked by Adana

Highlighting Active Voice

There are two ways to express an ‘action’; active and passive voices.

A sentence in which the logical subject is the same as the grammatical subject is called an active sentence.

Logical subject is the subject that is the one who is actually said to be performing the actions of the verbs. When the subject in a sentence comes before the verb, we call this subject the grammatical subject.


  1. Aisha ate the food.
  2. The girl has beaten the boy.
  3. A carpenter will make the chair.
  4. The police must arrest that thief.
  5. My wife was drawing a picture.
  6. They changed the sentence.
  7. I am kicking a ball.
  8. We read many novels
  9. The boy is eating the food.
  10. We have sent the message.


  1. What is a verb?
  2. Change these sentences to passive voice
  3. The cat ate the fish
  4. Emeka dusts the chairs.


  1. Identify the active voices in the following passage.

Labi was checking through the carton of empty bottles which had been returned from chief Fadaka’s house when he found a paper bag which had slipped between the wrinkled flap and the side of the carton.  He took it out, and to his surprise he found it contained a thick bundle of bank notes of a high denomination, totaling nearly ten thousand naira.

  1. Construct five sentences containing active voice.

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