Consonants sounds

Consonant Sounds /l/ and /r/

These two sounds are not similar but we shall consider them together in this lesson. When you say /l/ the tip of your tongue makes contact with the alveolar ridge as the air passes the sides of your tongue. It is called lateral and it is voiced. E.g: leak, line, lead, lemon, fill, middle, shall, silly, etc.

Silent: talk, walk, yolk, could, folk, palm, half, should, calm, etc.

/r/ To pronounce this sound, the tip of the tongue comes very near but does not actually touch the alveolar ridge eg. Rate, rock, rag, rank, robe, race, rake, rug, range, ferry, rib, parade, barrel, etc.

Comparison of /l/ and /r/


Aspect: Comprehension/Vocabulary Development

Topic: The Police

Text: NOSEC BOOK 1 Unit 16  Page 145           

The passage is all about the roles that Police plays in fighting against crime in the society. It will help students to be familiar with duties and responsibilities in our society. Some of them are: direction of traffic in the densely populated area, arresting and prosecution of the offender.etc.

Aspect: Composition

Topic: Types of Essay

Sub-topic: Expository Essay (Introduction)

Expository Essay (Introduction)

An expository essay is one in which the writer tries to explain how something works, how something is done or how something is made. Expository essays demand the ‘how of things. Such essays call for explanation of a process or an idea.


  1. What is an expository essay?
  2. What does expository essay demand?

ASSIGNMENT: Explain how to play a local game of your choice to someone who has not seen the game played before.

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