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Adverbs: Definition, Identification and Types


An adverb is a word, which tells us more about an action. It is the word, which tells us: where, when, why, how often, to what degree, an action is performed.

In other words, we can have the adverbs of manner (how) frequency (how often), reason (why), time (when) degree (to what degree), please (where).

We shall look at just adverbs of manner and frequency in this lesson.

Types of Adverbs

1. Adverbs of Time

They tell us when a thing is done or when a thing happens.

Examples:  suddenly, immediately, since, before, after when etc.

Suddenly: A thing happens suddenly when it happens without warning. No one expects it.

Immediately: This means that something happens without any delay. It happens at once, straight away.

Soon: A thing happens after only a short time.

After a time:     These means ‘later on’ we do not know how much time passes after a while  before the thing happens

2. Adverbs of frequency: They tell us how often a thing is done. They usually come before the verb in a sentence. But if the verb is a word like ‘am’, ‘is’, ‘are’, ‘was’, ‘were’, ‘have’, ‘has’ the adverb of frequency comes after it. E.g. The weather is usually hot in March. Other adverbs of  frequency are.

I never arrive late for class.

I seldom arrive late for class.

 It sometimes rains in January.

I usually get up at half past six

 I often get high marks for my work.

I frequently ask questions in class.

I always  go to house

She occasionally visits her pastor.

We normally play musical instruments.

The rarely goes to church.

3. Adverbs of manner: They tell us how a thing is done. They usually come after the verb in a sentence.


He ran quickly

She walked slowly

She runs fast

She ate her food hurriedly

They sang loudly.


Make a sentence with each of the following adverbs.






Reading Assignment: Exam Focus p.63-65



English Grammar for J.S.S pages 53 & 54

Topic : Comprehension: Oduduwa

Content: Unit 7a Page 91

Evaluation: Practice 2/3

Topic: Descriptive Essay : A Market Place

Content: Sample Essay

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