Chemistry Notes

Aromatic Hydrocarbons


Benzene, structure, properties and Uses

Derivative of Benzene

Aromatic Hydrocarbons

These are hydrocarbons that have the same structure as benzene.

Benzene: Benzene is a typical aromatic compound with molecular formula of C6H6.


  1. Describe three (3) ways of preparing benzene.
  2. Draw the structure of benzene.

Physical properties

1.         It has a pleasant odour.

2.         It has boiling point of 80oC.

3.         Benzene can dissolve in water.

4.         It burns with  sooty flame.

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1.         It is used as a solvent to dissolve organic.

2.         It is used as fuel in petrol.

3.          It is used in the manufacture of aromatic compound e.g. benzoic acid.


1. State two (2) uses of benzene

2. Identify two (2) chemical properties of benzene with examples.

Derivatives of Benzene

3.10: Benzene and its Derivatives - Chemistry LibreTexts


1.         Give another name to the following  compounds

            (a ) Phenol                   (b) Toluene     

2.         State  four (4) derivatives of benzene.


New School Chemistry By .O.Y. Ababio, pg 492-494.


1.         Which of the following is the structure of benzene

2.         Benzene can be prepared from the following except

            (a) Coal tar                   (b) petroleum               ( c) Alkanol       (d) Ethyne

3.         Benzene  can undergo additional reaction due to presence of

            (a) double bonds          (b) single bonds           ( c) hydrogen     ( d) carbon.

4.         Benzene undergoes the following reaction except.

            (a) substitution (b) addiction                ( c) Hydrogenation   ( d) polymerization

5.         The technique used in separating a mixture of common salt  and water is

            (a) evaporation (b) sublimation (c) decantation      (d) chromatography.


1.         a. State two (2) uses of Benzene

            b. identify two (2) physical properties of benzene.

2.         a.  How would you prepare benzene?

            b.  State two (2) chemical properties  of benzene.

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