Assessment – Cell

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1.The statement that all living things are made of cells was first made by   A. Dujardin   B.  Robert  Hooke  C.  Mathias  Schleiden  D. Von –Mohl  E. Rudolf  Virchow

2.The part  of  a cell that is responsible for protein  synthesis is called A. endoplasmic reticulum B.nuclear evelope  C.ribosome  D.mitochondria  E.Golgi bodies

3.Which of these is present in both plant and animal cells? A. cell membrane  B.chloroplast  C. cellulose  D. large  E. cell sap.

4.Which of the following statements about cells is true? A. all cells are alike in structure B.cells in a tissue perform different functions C. in a multicellular organism, each cell is independent. D.  a part of a cell is called an organ . E.  a cell can exist as an independent organism.


5a. Describe the structure of a plant cell.

b.state three similarities between plant and animal cells.

c.state three differences between plant and animal cells.

6.Describe the functions of the following.

a.the cell membrane  b. the nucleus  c. the mitochondrion  d.the Golgi bodies in cell.

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